Window replacement & installation in Lincoln & Omaha Nebraska

Is your home in need of new windows? Is it drafty and cold at night but hot during the day? Can you feel your energy consumption going out the window? Red Lion Roofing can help.At Red Lion Roofing, we do much more than just roofing repair and replacement: We also provide window replacement services as well.

Through out the years, we noticed our clients needed more than just simple repairs to their homes, they needed options to better insulate themselves and their families form the storms of life, and maintain more of their hard earned cash in the energy savings that come with a modern window.

Call Red Lion Roofing today and speak to one of our Window specialists who can help you diagnose just where you are in need of a window replacement, what options are available, and help you build a quote and a solution that matches your budget, and more importantly: your needs.

Call Red Lion Roofing today.

How It Works

Lincoln & Omaha Nebraska Area Window Replacement – at Red Lion Roofing & Contracting we offer top-quality, premium double paned, triple paned, or heat mirror thermal windows at an affordable price. From vinyl to fiberglass to custom hardwood wooden windows, Red Lion Roofing & Contracting is equipped to meet any homeowner’s specific energy and design needs. We work with reputable high-quality manufacturers. Our wooden manufacturers offer different exterior options from composite, extruded metal clad, vinyl and fiberglass. All of our vinyl windows are made with virgin vinyl and are welded mainframes and sashes. Our fiberglass windows offer incredible strength yet very low maintenance. Since we are a multi-line distributor, you are not limited to one type or design of windows. You can choose from many manufacturers, types, styles, energy efficiencies, colors, and options– all custom fit to your openings. The only criteria—it has to be a window we’d feel comfortable putting in our own home…or we won’t install it.

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